Youtube/Blog/Article Campaign

  1. You must register on as a user and subscribe to the Volentix mailing list.
  3. You must have at least 100 organic subscribers to participate.
  4. Content can focus on anything related to The Volentix Project as long as it is possessive. Some suggestions:
    1. Summary of VDEX white paper article
    2. Summary of VDEX white paper video
    3. Linking VDEX order books with other exchanges for beer liquidity.
  5. YouTube videos must be at least 2 minutes long and the videos should be descriptive.
  6. Speech must be made by a real person.
  7. Video has to be of good quality.
  8. The website / blog where you post content must be at least 3 months old.
  9. Your Medium/ or any other free blogging blog page should have at least 100 followers.
  10. Your article/ blog post / video must be public. Content at websites and blogs where the number of views is not transparent will not be accepted(Blogspot, WordPress, etc.)
  11. Your written article / blog post has to be original, of good writing quality, and at least 500 words.
  12. Your article / blog post / video should have links to the Volentix websites and white paper. / / / VDEX Whitepaper:
  13. If you are submitting a website, it should have verifiable traffic.
  14. The same content can only be posted once.
  15. Applicant must indicate proof for the video or article she/he sends.
  16. Only original work is accepted, copying parts of the website / whitepaper or using the work of someone else will disqualify your submission.
  17. Content on websites that do not appear in “Similarweb” analysis will not be accepted.
  18. Rules are strict to make sure Volentix rewards quality submissions only and to make it fair for everyone.
  19. Each accepted submission will be carefully reviewed for acceptance.
  20. You will get bounty stakes based on the quality and popularity of your work, this will be reviewed by the Volentix Bounty Manager at the end of the campaign.
  21. Stakes are based on the quality and popularity of the posted content.
  22. Articles/videos etc. will be evaluated according to the number of views and visitors and in terms of quality.
  23. Publication that are very influential and very good quality compared to others may be additionally rewarded with extra stakes.
  24. Content that does not satisfy any of the rules will not be accepted.
  25. You will be able to get stakes depending on the number of visitors/ views/ similar web points and depending on the content quality. Minimum number of stakes for an accepted submission is 3.
  26. There is a large amount of VTX for this bounty campaign, good luck!

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